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Miller Fisher Syndrome (MFS)

Miller Fisher Syndrome is a variant form of Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS). GBS is more common than MFS but is still relatively unusual but becoming more common than it used to be. They are both diseases in which the bodies central nervous system is attacked by the bodies own auto-immune system, which suddenly decides that the myelin sheath that acts both as a nerve insulator and fast impulse carrier is a foreign body and attacks it, causing inflammation and destruction. The difference between MFS and GBS is that different nerve groups are affected such that paralysis in GBS tends to start in the legs and move up, where in MFS it starts in the head, affecting eye muscles, balance and slowly descends to the neck arms etc. MFS does not generally have the life threatening aspects of GBS but can be very difficult to live through with double vision, nausea, weakness, difficulty walking, light sensitivity and pain which can go on for months.

The cause is still unknown but about two-thirds of cases occur after a viral infection, either one you know about such as a sore throat, diarrhea, flu or cold, or one that is subsequently confirmed by blood tests. The viral infection may be one of the herpes viruses, such as the Epstein-Barr virus. But GBS may also follow a bacterial infection. Guillain-Barré is also sometimes associated with medical procedures. Five percent to 10 percent of cases occur after an operation. Age is not a factor, people of any age can get it and it can reoccur in a small percentage of cases.

It is my belief that some MFS (and GBS) sufferers may have Leaky Gut Syndrome when the virus that triggers the immune system comes along and it seems highly likely that all people that get either disease have an immune system under stress. (In fact I would be interested to hear the views of other GBS and MFS sufferers on this theory.) Because the immune system is already compromised by LGS it is somehow fooled by certain viral particles in to attacking its own body, believing erroneously that myelin is an invader.

I have had two attacks of MFS in 5 years. The first time we had just moved from one city to another and were in the middle of moving into a new house. I was under extreme stress from a new job, moving house and an upper respiratory virus. Eight months previously I had finished taking antibiotics for a bone infection that went on for fourteen months. I spent twenty-one days in hospital, three months off work and it was five months before I was free of light sensitivity and double vision.

 The second happened after I had had constant diarrhea for weeks. (Later I worked out that my gut is allergic to glucosamines which I had been taking for arthritis). During this time I went to Bali for a holiday and caught an upper respiratory virus in the plane on the way home. Within two weeks I was in hospital with MFS where I stayed for nine days, was off work for five weeks and finally lost the double vision after three months.

After this second attack, during which I was told I possibly had Multiple Sclerosis as the symptoms are very similar, I decided to undertake some research to try and prevent a third attack. This lead me to Leaky Gut Syndrome theory and to, amongst other things, Shark Liver Oil. I found my recovery much easier the second time taking SLO, and have since found that I don't get colds, flu etc. either. My arthritis has almost totally vanished and the sinusitis I had constantly, has gone as well. It has also increased my feeling of well-being immensely and I have much more energy. So much more energy that I decided to build a web page telling people about Shark Liver Oil and the various other things I found out during my research.

Over the last few years it has become apparent that taking Shark Liver Oil and Colostrum have been very helpful to people with these problems and I think people should supplement with our Omega 3 DHA/EPA concentrate as well as it seems that populations that have a high oily fish diet have much lower incidences of these types of problems.

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