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Shark Liver Oil
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Green Lipped Mussel
Coenzyme Q10
Oxoamidin Garlic
Barley Grass
Kolorex® Products
Deer Velvet
Active Honey
Virgin Coconut Oil
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PET Care
Shark Liver Oil for Pets
Jakes Best Mate
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Products List

Code Name Description Price
Southern Deep Shark Products
OM1 Omega 3 60x1000mg Softgel Capsules $25.00
OM2 Omega 3. 5-pack SAVE 10% 5 bottles 60x1000mg Softgel Capsules $112.50
SLO1 Shark Liver Oil. 60x1000mg Softgel Capsules $25.00
SLO4 Shark Liver Oil. 5-pack SAVE 10% 5 bottles 60x1000mg Softgel Capsules $112.50
SQ1 Shark Squalene 60x1000mg Softgel Capsules $26.00
SQ2 Shark Squalene 5-pack SAVE 10% 5 bottles 60x1000mg Softgel Capsules $117.00
SLO5 Shark Liver Oil. - Spray 30ml squirt bottle -CFC free $15.00
SLO6 Shark Liver Oil Spray 5-pack SAVE 10% 5 bottles 30ml squirt bottle -CFC free $67.50
SLO7 Shark Liver Oil. 100x500mg Softgel Capsules $25.00
SLO8 Shark Liver Oil. 5-pack SAVE 10%  5 bottles100x500mg Softgel Capsules $112.50
SC1 Shark Cartilage 100x750mg Capsules $25.00
SC2 Shark Cartilage. 5-pack SAVE 10% 5 bottles 100x750mg Capsules $112.50
Southern Synergy Products
CQ10 Co - Enzyme Q10 60x30mg capsules $26.00
CQ10-5 Co - Enzyme Q10 5-pack SAVE 10% 5 bottles 60x30mg capsules $117.00
CQ10-90 Co - Enzyme Q10 60x90mg capsules $49.95
CQ10-90-5 Co - Enzyme Q10 5-pack SAVE 10% 5 bottles 60x90mg capsules $224.82
GLUC7 Glucosamine HCl 60x750 mg Capsules $24.95
GLUC7-5 Glucosamine HCl SAVE 10% 5 Bottles x 60x750 mg Capsules $112.28
MV1 Multi- Vitamin 60x524 mg Capsules $16.95
MV2 Multi-Vitamin 5-pack SAVE 10% 5 Bottles 60x524 mg Capsules $76.28
PR1 Thompsons Multidophilus Probiotics 30x Probiotic Capsules $24.80
PR2 Thompsons Multi  5-pack SAVE 10%  5 bottles 30 x Probiotic capsules $111.60
Southern Deep Green Lipped Mussel Products
GLM1 Green Lipped Mussel 90x500mg Capsules $30.00
GLM2 Green Lipped Mussel 5-pack SAVE 10% 5 bottles 90x500mg Capsules $135.00
Southern Country Colostrum Products
COL1 Bovine Colostrum. 100x480mg capsules $28.00
COL5 Bovine Colostrum. 5-pack SAVE 10% 5x100x480mg capsules $126.00
CP1 Colostrum Powder 250g Fine Powder Colostrum $75.00
Mixed Pack Specials
LGS1  Leaky Gut Special 2 x SLO1, 2 x COL1, 2 x MV1 SAVE 15% $132.51
AS1 Arthritis Special 2 x SLO1, 2 x SC1, 2 x COL1. SAVE 15% $132.60
Kolorex Anti-Fungal Products
KL01 Kolorex Intestinal Care Capsules 20 x Horopito vege & 20 x Anise Seed Vege Caps $34.95
KL02 Kolorex Intimate Care Cream NEW! 50gm tube. $25.00
KL03 Kolorex Foot & Toe Care Cream NEW! 25gm tube. $18.00
KL04 Kolorex Honey Skin Care Cream NEW! With active Manuka Honey. 50gm tube. $27.00
Vitafit Products
BG01 Barley Grass Powder 200g Fine Powder Barley Grass $32.00
CVC1 Complete Vitamin C Complex 100 Tablets 638mg $24.95
CVC2 Complete Vitamin C 5-pack SAVE 10% 5 bottles 100x638mg 5-pack SAVE 10% $112.28
MS1 MSM 100x600g Caps Methyl Sulfonyl Methane 100x600mg Caps $23.00
MS2 MSM 100x600g Caps MSM 5 pack $103.50
CH1 Chitosan 100x200mg Chitosan 100x200mg $26.00
CH2 Chitosan 100x200mg Chitosan 100x200mg 5pack $117.00
G1 Garlic-Oxoamidin

90x60mg Capsules

G2 Garlic-Oxoamidin 5-pack SAVE 10% 5 bottles 90x60mg Capsules $126.00
GLUC1 Glucosamine Sulfate Capsules 70x 500mg Capsules $19.95
GLUC2 Glucosamine Sulfate 5-pack SAVE 10% 5 bottles 70x500mg Capsules $89.78
SPIRUL Spirulina 50x1000mg Capsules $19.95
SPIRUL2 Spirulina 5-pack SAVE 10% 5 bottles 50x1000mg Capsules $89.78
GUAR Guarana Lift Capsules 60 Capsules $25.00
GUAR5 Guarana Lift 5-Pack SAVE 10%  5 Bottles 60 Capsules $112.50
MANU |Manuka Honey 100% New Zealand Manuka Honey $20.95
REDS Phytofood Reds Phytofood Reds Functional food 250g fine powder $55.00
JOIN Phytofood Joints With glucosamine, chondroitin & MSM 300g fine power $35.95
SENN Senna Klenz 30 Fortified Herbal Tea Bags 75g net $10.00
HOPS Hops Slumber 30 Fortified Herbal Tea Bags 75g net $10.00
LICO Licorice zinga 30 Herbal Tea Bags 50g net $10.00
Mountain Red Products
MRDV1 Deer Velvet 60 x 500mg Capsules $61.00
MRDV2 Deer Velvet 5 pack SAVE10% 5 bottles 60 x 500mg capsules $277.27

Southern Deep products are normally shipped the same day - 6 days a week by airmail. You should allow approximately 7 - 10 working days for it to arrive, but it is usually quicker than that. The post office is just down the road from our office.

Sorry we don't do COD or courier overseas for retail customers. It is too expensive and involves too much paperwork /overheads, and we like to keep our prices down. We find they mostly only do pick up 5 days a week. They often pick up late, sometimes leave it at the depot overnight, and usually take longer than you have been told. With NZ Post airmail we have only ever lost one parcel, for which we have put in a claim with NZ Post. If your parcel has not arrived within five weeks we will resend the order (really extreme) *You will never loose your money. *Does not apply to some countries where New Zealand Post does not have an insurance policy available for. TOP

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