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Oxoamidin Garlic. Why Not Try our Premium quality odourless compressed Garlic direct from NZ, Free Airmail, Same Day, 5/7. No Minimum Order. -a natural food supplement.

Garlic has benefits for the immune system, when suffering from infections and colds, for heart disease and blood pressure regulation. It contains selenium and germanium and our product is odourless. Try Us at prices that you would pay in NZ.


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For more For the History, Research, Composition and health Benefits of New Zealand cow Colostrum, please click here. about the History, Research, Composition and the health Benefits of OXOAMIDIN Odourless Garlic click on info.


Quality Guarantee.

 Our packaging complies with International standards . Every product has a barcode, batch# and expiry date printed.

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OXOAMIDIN Odourless Garlic

Oxoamidin is an odourless, high strength garlic. Just one capsule of Oxoamidin is equivalent to eating 6000mg (6 grams) of fresh garlic,  but without the odour normally associated with garlic.

The use of garlic for an extremely wide variety of medicinal purposes has been reported throughout recorded history. It was consumed as a part of the diet by the ancient Greeks and Romans, and was employed by the Egyptians to give strength and nourishment to the slaves constructing pyramids and has been described by herbalists of the sixteenth century onwards.


THE IMMUNE SYSTEM: Many scientific studies concentrated on the antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal activity of garlic. In the first world war, garlic was used topically to control the infection of wounds. Pasteur (1858) and Lehmann (1930) were the first to present modern scientific evidence for the antibacterial effects of garlic. Since then many scientific studies have focused on these particular properties of garlic.

Hughes and Lawson (1991) found antibacterial and antifungal activities in garlic and garlic supplements. They linked this activity to certain sulphur compounds present in garlic, in particular allicin, a compound formed when garlic is crushed. Candida albicans was one fungus the garlic compounds were found to be active against (1).

Weber et al. found antiviral effects of garlic against viruses including herpes and rhinovirus (responsible for the common cold). Fresh garlic and polar fractions were used in this experiment.

Garlic has proven effects in destroying some harmful bacteria and viruses which cause colds, flu and infections.

HEART DISEASE; In this area, research has been conducted on the effect of garlic on cholesterol levels, fibrinolytic activity and the aggregation of blood platelets.

The American Journal of Medicine reports a study in which 42 healthy adults took either 300mg of standardised garlic powder in tablet form three times a day, or a placebo. After 12 weeks there was a significantly greater reduction in serum total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol in those taking the garlic than in those taking the placebo. A review covering experiments using fresh garlic has found consistent results - garlic causes an increase in fibrinolytic activity (the breakdown of blood clots), inhibition of platelet aggregation and a lowering of cholesterol levels .

BLOOD PRESSURE: Over the last few years several well-conducted medical investigations have been conducted on the effects of garlic on high blood pressure (hypertension). Generally a drop of 12-30 millimetres in the upper blood pressure and 7-20 millimetres in the lower blood pressure was found with regular administration of garlic to patients with raised blood pressure. People with normal blood pressure obtained a smaller drop in their blood pressure (6).

OTHER REASONS TO TAKE GARLIC: Garlic is among the few herbs with universal usage and recognition. It contains the minerals selenium and germanium which enhance the beneficial effects of garlic.

The incorporation of selenium into an antioxidant in the body may help explain some of the claims for using garlic to inhibit cancer cell formation. The use of garlic against various forms of cancer has been recorded in ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and China.

Garlic has also been used to kill intestinal parasites, worms and some bacteria, as well as externally on ringworm.

Vita-Fit Oxoamidin Odourless Garlic contains parsley and fennel so that these odourless capsules are even more admissible. As well as enhancing the antibacterial and antifungal properties of garlic these herbs have aromatic and carminative properties that disguise any lingering odour or aftertaste that maybe present in the garlic.

DIRECTIONS: Adults - Take 1 capsule per day as a general dietary supplement or up to 3 capsules for infections and colds.


Hughes E.G., Lawson L.D. 1991 Antimicrobial effects of AlUwn sativum L. (Garlic), AlUum ampeloprasum L. (Elephant Garlic), and Allium cepal L. (Onion), garlic compounds and commercial garlic supplement products. Phytotherapy Research (5): 154-158.

Weber N.D., Anderson D.O., North J.A; Murray B.K., Lawson L.D.. Hughes B.G. In Vitro virucidal effects of Allium sativum (Garlic) extract and compounds.

JainA.K., Vorgas R., Got^kowsky R.N., McMdhonF.G. 1993 Can garlic reduce levels of serum Upids? A controlled clinical study. The American Journal of Medicine (94): 632-635.

Kleijen J; Knipschild P., Ter Reit G. 1989 Garlic, onions and cardiovascular risk factors. A review of the evidence from human experiments with emphasis on commercially available preparations. Br. J. CUn. Pharmac. 28: 535-544.

Weiner M.A., Weiner J. 1994 Herbs that heal. Quantum Books, California.

ColUns R., PetoR., MacMahonS. etal. 1990 Blood pressure, stroke and coronary heart disease. Part 2. Short term reduction in blood pressure. Overview of randomised drug trials in their epidermological context. Lancet. 335: 827-838.

If you want to know a lot more about Garlic click on the link below.

Learn More About the Health Benefits of Garlic.


Suggested Dosage OXOAMIDIN Odourless Garlic capsules.

Adults - Take 1 capsule per day as a general dietary supplement or up to 3 capsules for infections and colds.

Store in a cool and dry place below 30°C.

The shelf life of Oxoamidin Garlic is approximately 3 years.



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